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WISDOM BOOKS carries over 20 different categories of bibles. We have various translations, large and extra-large print, various colored covers as well as a large selection of bible covers. A recent best seller is the Filament Bible (KJV and NLTs versions) which pairs a cell phone with the bible and an exceptionally large array of research and concordance material.


WISDOM BOOKS has over 50 categories and a huge variety of non-fiction books, from Apologetics to Youth, plus 10 categories of fiction from Amish to Youth. We receive newly published titles continuously. We have old “Classical” titles as well as a thorough selection of well-known and popular writers. You will have a very enjoyable time browsing among the selections. WISDOM BOOKS also carries a significant volume of books in Spanish.

Gift Ideas

Gift items at WISDOM BOOKS are procured as much as possible from manufacturers in the United States. The selections vary somewhat with the season, but is surprisingly inclusive. Gifts for birthdays, weddings, first Communion, confirmation, and other special occasions are found in our store. Our staff welcomes those who may desire some informed suggestions.